How can we contact you?

You may contact us at

We prefer to work via email rather than telephone calls due to the fact that the staff at London Conjure are based both in the UK and the USA. Time differences have in the past led to calls being made to us at all hours of the day and night. As our staff have lives, families, and so on, email is the preferred method of contact. We will respond to all genuine inquiries within 48 hours on working days.

What are your hours of work?

If we have a case we are working on this may vary and we do work some "anti social hours" when needed which may include weekends. All new cases and consultations are taken on and responded to on weekdays only - we need to take a break too!

Do you give free advice?

Sometimes depending on the case.  We do not however offer free services as this is our livelihood. As anyone else in any other business, we expect to be paid for our time and work. We do have an ongoing blog which will from time to time include works and "spells" that you can try for yourselves.

Is there any work you will not take on?

We will not take on death work, so please do not ask us. Neither will we work to split up a marriage. All work we take on must be justified and this will be determined within the original client consultation.

Do you guarantee success if you take on my case?

No root worker or spiritual practitioner who is genuine can ever guarantee a hundred percent success rate any more than a medical doctor can guarantee a hundred per cent success in his/her work. We do have a good success rate and what we CAN guarantee is that we will do our best for our clients in every case.

Do you issue refunds?

Due to the nature of the work we do (see above) we are unable to issue refunds. The cost of our work covers supplies utilized and the time we take working on your case.

What is the difference between a consultation and a tarot reading?

A CONSULTATION: Before we undertake any spiritual work for a client we insist on carrying out what is called a "consultation". This is done by reading cards, throwing bones, speaking with spirit, and sometimes,  reading from photographs. The consultation is specific, a divination done to determine:

a) Whether we are in a position to assist the client.

b) If we are, what kind of conjure work would be most helpful?

c) How the energies surrounding the situation are flowing at the present time.

d) If there is anything the client can do to assist themselves practically and/or spiritually.

A consultation is a two-way process. We investigate the condition, email you with our findings, and encourage you to communicate with us back with feedback throughout the case to determine what, if any work you would like us to undertake. If you do decide you would like us to take on your case, we will of course remain in touch with you throughout the proceedings.

TAROT READINGS: A tarot reading is divination using the tarot cards to attempt to shed light on a particular question the client has, or simply to show what energies are currently showing up in the client's life in general. There is no conjure work involved in a tarot reading.

Are you traditionalists?

Much of our work is, what many may call, "traditional" conjure work (or hoodoo as it is popularly known as). However, we also work with spirits used in Haitian vodou and Ifa  as well as with La Santisima Muerte and La Madama should this be deemed appropriate to the needs of the client. We also utilise Roma (Romany magic)  and brujeria at times. Essentially we are spirit guided in this and will do what we believe will work best for the client.

What are your specialties?

Our specialties are uncrossing works, hex removals, reversals (return to sender works), road opening, and emotional healing. We also take on love workings (though will not engage in splitting up any marriages so please don't ask), some reconciliation work, financial and business workings in which we have had success. All work must be justified and if we are advised by our spirits not to take on the work we will refuse that particular job. We may, sometimes, be able to pass you forward to someone else who *may* take on any work that for whatever reason we feel justified in refusing. If we are unable to take on a case and see from our consultation that the client simply will not get their request, despite spiritual intervention, we will not pretend that we can "create success" and simply take your money. There is never a cast iron  guarantee of success in this type of work - and any practitioner who does guarantee every single working to be a success is more than likely to be a scam artist. That said, we have received consistently positive feedback for the work we have taken on. We attempt to work with the client's best interests in mind at all times.