Egg Cleanse

It's been requested that we do a blog piece on a limpia cleanse (an egg cleanse) (shout out to Jessica Miller), so hopefully this will give people who aren't familiar with it a better idea of what it is and how to go about it. Although this is used by conjure workers, essentially it is a Latin American method of cleansing (used widely within brujeria) and would technically not be "conjure" as such. However, it does work, and so we use it.

Different people have different methods of doing a limpia. This is how we do it here:


First of all, if you are doing this for another person, we would suggest that you protect yourself first, as you have no idea what spiritual grime the other person may have picked up. If you are doing it for yourself, this is not so important as you will be removing your own spiritual grime, so we would suggest that you protect after the limpia (though it is always a sound move to keep yourself protected at all times).

OK... this is what you do...

Take an egg (preferably one that has not been refrigerated or it won't be a very pleasant experience for the person having it rolled along them! ) and cleanse the egg. You can do this with holy water, Florida water or anything along those lines.

Once you have your cleansed egg, whilst saying the Lord's prayer (if that resonates with you), make the sign of the cross with your egg on the forehead of the person the limpia is for and then use it like a broom and with a kind of sweeping motion, moving the egg, from the top of your head to your feet in a downwards motion, paying particular attention to covering any body openings as well as the area where your neck meets your head and between the shoulder blades and making the sign of the cross as you move downwards with the egg at the heart area, the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, area where the neck joins the head between the shoulder blades and any body openings.

When you reach the bottom (ground area, soles of feet), should you feel/sense there is more to cleanse, you can simply return to the top part of the body and make as many further downwards "rolls" as you feel. Don't, however, sweep/roll the egg back upwards or you will be putting back everything you have just removed - just pick it up and begin again with it again, as before.

If at any time the egg cracks or breaks, dispose of the egg (we tend to flush the whole thing in the lavatory, but be sure you have a good plumbing system if you do that as you do not want any negative energy "blocking up" your household plumbing - or you could dispose of it in running water, such as a stream or a river or bury it off your property), get a new egg and start the procedure again. Again, other people may have other methods of disposal - this is simply how we do it here.

Depending on the area of the body at which the egg cracked, it will give an indication as to a source of a problem or blockage (for example, if it cracks over the genital area it may be a fertility, sexual or relationship issue... just to give an example).

If you are wanting to look for signs in the egg, break it into a clear receptacle with water in it so that you can take a good look. If you are not looking for signs, simply dispose of it as previously described. Oh... and if the egg is clear and there are no "signs", then the person who had the limpia is fine, no "nasties" on them to get rid of, all is well.

If you ARE looking for signs to determine if the cleansing needs to be repeated, here is a very brief outline. There are many signs to read, but for a very basic outline of the idea of how it works: if you have blood in the yolk, big air bubbles, a string dangling from the yolk, murky water or a bad smell, you need to repeat the cleanse until the yolk is clear.

In the picture here the client definitely needed a few cleanses as well as an uncrossing work.  Here you will ee there are strings, big bubbles, even faces to be seen here (look to the left and right - on the left we see something which looks like a skull (which can mean someone or some people are working against the client) and the whole appearance of the limpia is "murky".