Basic Candle Cleanse


Basic Candle Cleanse: We've had a few people ask what this is and how you do it and what it is for.... so, thought we'd explain. Any questions, just ask away. You would use this for the same reasons as you would do a limpia (egg cleanse) - so if you felt a little "off" (or a lot "off"!) and wanted to remove any negative energies from yourself. 

If you're going to launch into a big working or if you have just done a big working, this is also a pretty good thing to do. It is very easy to do. Anyone can do it. You don't need any prayers, incantations or special oils or bells and whistles... all you need is one white stick candle, a fireproof dish or plate and some salt.

Get your dish and make a ring around the edge with the salt. Next, take your stick candle and hold it horizontally (doesn't matter which way the wick i pointing - whether it's to the right or left makes no difference) and roll or sweep it down your body starting from the crown of your head right down to your feet (and be sure that as you sweep you cover all body entrance points and pay special attention to where your head meets your neck as this is the place where spirits mount a person, as well as rubbing it along the soles of your feet (heel to toe direction on each foot). You can take the candle and sweep downwards or roll downwards with it as many times as you "feel/sense" is needed. But lift the candle back up to the top of your head... don't be rolling it down then rolling it back up again. When you get to the soles of your feet point, then just stand up straight again and start off again from the top of your head. You should be able to "sense" when you've rolled enough. If you like you can close your eyes and say the Lord's Prayer as you do this (you don't have to, but we find it does help). Once you have finished doing all of that, set your candle inside the salt ring on your plate (we usually drip wax from the bottom of the candle onto the plate to stick it directly onto it... Avoid using a candle holder for this) and then light your candle. As you do all the negativity that the candle has picked up off of you will be burned away. You feel a whole lot better afterwards. You should sense the difference in energy not too long after doing this. Now wash your hands thoroughly (use Florida water if you have it, if you haven't don't worry, just use soap and water and your intention) and let the candle burn down. Once it has burned down, take the residue and the salt and dispose of it in the general direction of away from you and your house... off of your property. You can throw it to the crossroads if you would like, but we find that wrapping it all up and throwing it in a trash can somewhere works just as well. Just don't be burying it in cemeteries or anything... all you're doing is cleansing yourself here!